Gartner Group - 2016

By 2018, analytics, machine learning and policies 

will replace more than 50% of manual access certification 

and request approval tasks, up from less than 2%. 

IT Security 

Identity Analytics


Welcome to the Era of Cognitive Analytics

Gartner Group 2013

By 2020, 70% of businesses 

will use attribute-based access control (ABAC) 

to protect critical assets, up from <5% today.           


Easy GRC

Detecting user profiles within a work unit takes 2 seconds in average, versus 30-60 minutes in the best case scenario with the current leading solutions and approaches.

Current approaches of risk analysis 

related to IT access rights are time consuming, 

laboring, limited and expensive.

Easy GRC

An exhaustive view of Risks, 

within few hours and without prerequisites

imposed by current leading solutions.

Gartner Group - 2016

More and more organizations come to the conclusion 

that traditional access certification methods are 

“inexact, labor-intensive, error-prone and insufficient 

to properly address inherent risks.

Easy GRC

Eliminate expensive reviews that have 

no value added to the Business.

There are two facets with Regulatory Compliance 

related to management of operational risks: 

Access Management and Business Continuity.

Easy GRC

Provide to auditors the accurate reasons 

why ''Who has access to What?... 

including during Business Continuity 

and Disaster situations''.




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EasyPatternZ is the leader in Cognitive Identity Analytics and Intelligence. 

Our mission is to help companies to tackle fraud & cyber risks, with analytics solutions that take advantage of Advanced Neuro-Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. 

EasyPatternZ strengthens IT security and compliance with real-time analysis of risks to which the organization is exposed.