What would it change to an organization with 100.000 employees if detection, analysis, optimization of all user profiles were performed within few hours and updated after minutes thanks to an Artificial Intelligence, just after data consolidation?

Answer: An optimal provisioning of authorizations, a simplified review of entitlements, a change management nearly transparent... without having to spend years and a fortune to get the result in the best case scenario...

Today, this is a reality thanks to the Artificial Intelligence designed by EasyPatternZ

Artificial Intelligence and User Access Governance... 

an accessible and affordable reality

EasyPatternZ combined: context detection, simulation, expert systems embedding several advanced expertise, collaborative management ... to achieve an effective AI that does not require: several years of deployment, the heavy prerequisites of deep learning and the constraints of manager-led learning that requires to understand the labels of entitlements to associate with roles or to review.

This AI achieves what no current solution of User and Access Governanceis able to deliver: Telling why this or that access is necessary, whether in normal situation, continuity and major crisis ... right after the consolidation of data.

If you too consider Role Management

as to be an Everest

Our AI will scale it for you in a short time every day, at every organizational change, with minimal involvement of the management.

It will also simulate situations of business continuity and major crisis to publish contextual and dynamic profiles without impacting the activity of your administrators during these exceptional contexts.

If you too have to deal with a swamp of legacy authorizations

Our AI will scan, analyze and expose the different levels of entitlements: missing, in rules, specific, exceptional, in violation with your segregation of duty policy.

Some reviews will be fully automated, especially during transfers. The rest will be considerably simplified and focused to facilitate the work of managers.

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EasyPatternZ is a leading editor in identity analytics and governance leveraging an artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to help organizations to control cyber risks and internal threats, non-compliance and fraud simply, quickly and in an affordable way. 

EasyPatternZ GRC strengthens your cyber security by generating contextual user profiles, before highlighting the gaps with the fundamentals of access management.


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