Detecting all orphaned, doubtful, dormant accounts.

Compliance of User and Access Management Level 1

Reducing excessive authorizations and principle violations of policy

Compliance of User and Access Management Level 2

We focus at early stage on what is critical and hardly detectable.

Discovering user roles of your entire organization within minutes/hours.

Level 3 Access Management Compliance

At last, being able to implement Role Based Provisioning and Role Based Reviews without spending years and hundred of thousand dollars.

Identifying missing rights, in rules, specific, exceptional, in violation with policies

Identifying missing entitlements, in rules, specific, exceptional, in violation wiith policies.

Level 4 Access Management Compliance

A clear Vision of all authorizations of users across your whole organization to focus tactical activities of remediation.

Defining a strategy to cleanse the Global Information System

Regain control

Preparing cleansing of legacy authorizations that none leading solution if really helpful to achieve.


EasyPatternZ is the leader in Cognitive Identity Analytics and Intelligence. 

Our mission is to help companies to tackle fraud & cyber risks, with analytics solutions that take advantage of Advanced Neuro-Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. 

EasyPatternZ strengthens IT security and compliance with real-time analysis of risks to which the organization is exposed.





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