Specialist in Identity and Access Management 

and Artificial Intelligence

EasyPatternZ is a software publisher and the first in the Market to offer a cognitive computing solution for security of IT access rights.

EasyPatternZ was founded in 2014 by a team of professionals, experts in Regulatory Compliance, Management of Identities and Access and Artificial Intelligence.

It promotes an approach of security powered with the management model anticipated by the Gartner Group in 2016, based on dynamic relationships managed with a self-learning system.

EasyPatternZ helps organizations of any size to protect their assets against fraud and cybercrie with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


Vice-President Strategy and Partnerships and co-founder of EasyPatternZ

Lydia is in charge of the Strategy and Marketing of the company.

She held key positions in Europe and North America in the strategic development and implementation of international partnerships. 

She is an Executive MBA and graduated at the International Business Academy (CCIP -Paris).


CEO and co-founder of EasyPatternZ

Dimitri is in charge of the management of the company, relying on a strong expertise acquired during his many years spent in the areas of Business Continuity and Identity Management. Dimitri has a very good knowledge of the market and also has a specific expertise in the field of Cognitive Computing. 


Vice-President Professional Services and co-founder of EasyPatternZ

Mircea is a professional in organizational performance, business analysis and professional services in general.

MBA and Engineer, Mircea leads EasyPatternZ's team of consultants and integrators. He assists clients in defining the best approach to implementing our cutting-edge solutions.


Nursery of Talents

EasyPatternZ is an environment in which Vision of the Future is translated into ''4Uman''.

 Our values are Innovation, Enthusiasm, Humanism and Ethics

If you are looking for a company in which intellectual overcoming is a trademark, positive energy is the engine and Humanism the finality, send your letter of motivation and your resume.

Explain first how you anticipate the Future of Organizational and IT Governance powered with Artificial Intelligence and closer to 4Uman than SkyNet.

Tell us how you would like to contribute to this future and what you are looking for in terms of personal fulfillment in this perspective.

We are looking for talented, imaginative, non-conformist people who like to go beyond borders and jostle the lines, endowed with a very strong ethic.

The profiles we are looking for:

- Project Managers

- Consultants in Security and IAM

- Integrators of IAM, Big Data and IA technologies

- Developers C++, Java J2EE, JSon

Send your cover letter and resume to  talents@easypatternz.com






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EasyPatternZ is the leader in Cognitive Identity Analytics and Intelligence. 

Our mission is to help companies to tackle fraud & cyber risks, with analytics solutions that take advantage of Advanced Neuro-Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. 

EasyPatternZ strengthens IT security and compliance with real-time analysis of risks to which the organization is exposed.




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22 Mars 2017

Chiffrement quantique, intelligence artificielle et blockchain : représentent-ils les solutions de l’avenir pour la cybersécurité ?

Pour Stephen Hawking, l’intelligence artifi cielle (IA) sera « soit la meilleure, soit la pire des choses jamais arrivées à l’humanité ». Quant à la blockchain et au chiffrement quantique, ils sont d’ores et déjà considérés comme étant ce qui révolutionnera et changera le visage de la cybersécurité. Ce panel de discussion a pour objectif de mettre en relief les technologies les plus prometteuses et de connaître leurs risques inhérents. Ainsi, découvrez :

- Quelles sont les possibilités des dernières technologies pour répondre en temps réel à des attaques informatiques ?

- Comment se traduira l’utilisation de ces technologies pour la sécurité des données dans les organisations ?

- Où en sont les recherches et comment se traduiront leurs applications en matière de sécurité de l’information ?


5 Octobre 2016

Dîner-conférence par Dimitri Nokovitch: « L’innovation en matière de gestion et re-certification des accès grâce à l’Intelligence Artificielle » 

octobre 5, 2016 @ 11:45 - 1:30

$20 à $45


During the ASIMM Dinner-Conference, Dimitri Nokovitch will present analytical approach and achievements between 2012 and 2016 that shake up current conceptions.

Concrete presentation and practical demonstration will illustrate what the Gartner Group anticipates for 2018 with the eruption of artificial intelligence in the GIA sector.