EasyPatternZ came to the conclusion that only artificial intelligence (AI) can meet the challenges that large and very large organizations are unable to overcome quickly and in an affordable way with current approaches and solutions of Identity and Access Governance.

This AI should not require binding prerequisites such as massive data, directed learning, dozens of rules of inference, heavy technical infrastructure.


It must be heuristic, intuitive, rely on the fundamental principles of the User Access Governance and Business Continuity, simulate the brain function of people with very high intellectual potential rather than average individuals.

It must be able to split its activities to increase its capabilities.

On these requirements, we designed an AI that combines specialized expertise, effective cognitive approaches and collaborative process of some animal species.

We have experimented and tested different versions between 2012 and 2018 to go to the market with a solution based on the best business and cognitive approaches.


We align IT authorizations with day to day operations, business continuity,  disaster plans and strikes in a much shorter time and budget than those imposed by current solutions.

We eliminate laboring and low-value-added activities: role mining, validation workshops, unfocused reviews of cryptic entitlements...

We reduce the operational and administrative costs. We reduce timelines for implementing an effective contextual security model.

We rely on Organizational Change to help regain control of IT entitlements.

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EasyPatternZ is a leading editor in identity analytics and governance leveraging an artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to help organizations to control cyber risks and internal threats, non-compliance and fraud simply, quickly and in an affordable way. 

EasyPatternZ GRC strengthens your cyber security by generating contextual user profiles, before highlighting the gaps with the fundamentals of access management.


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