EasyPatternZ GRC

Less labouring tasks to managers and administrators

Save years and a fortune in operational costs

Deliver results immediately after data consolidation

Automatically define remediation priorities

Improve access control with simplicity

- ODBC, JDBC, LDAP, WS collectors

- Automatic consolidation of data

- Manual reconciliation interfaces

- Dashboards on the status of accounts and access rights by criticality levels

- Simple setup of governance, policies at all levels of the organization

- Automatic generation of AI engines for the entire organization

- Autonomous evolution of intelligent services

- IA supervision interface and revocation of decisions

- Detection and simulation of current operational contexts, continuity and crisis

- Simple dashboard on results of profile detection across the organization

- Visualization of authorizations resulting from the application of user profiles

- Indicator of situation and evolution of authorizations throughout the Information System

- Intuitive navigation in the structures until the users' fine permissions

- Synchronization of profiles in Active Directory and in mongoDB

- Publishing roles for provisioning solutions

- Contextual and dynamic profiles for access management solutions

- Targeted review interface of authorizations

- Revocation / programmable provisioning of revoked and missing authorizations

- Run with Windows Server 2012 R2 and on Azure.

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EasyPatternZ is a leading editor in identity analytics and governance leveraging an artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to help organizations to control cyber risks and internal threats, non-compliance and fraud simply, quickly and in an affordable way. 

EasyPatternZ GRC strengthens your cyber security by generating contextual user profiles, before highlighting the gaps with the fundamentals of access management.


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Do not hesitate to contact us for any demonstration, proof of concept or partnership.